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  • This is a review of the book Poetic Knowledge by James Taylor. Poetic knowledge is a term that our rational, scientific society doesn't think about too much.  When we hear the word poetic, we automatically think of poetry, or maybe a good bit of prose that is heavy with beautiful, figurative language.  We might go as far as identifying an experience as poetic...meaning that it was the type of experience that poems are written about.  This last example is getting close to poetic knowled... more »
  • Week two did not go so well.  Okay, I guess I did meet some of my goals.  But I only got up early and wrote  twice (my goal is 30 minutes of writing, five mornings a week).  I definitely failed that challenge.  Why?  I was tired, I didn't go to bed early enough, I had teaching prep to do a few mornings that took up much of my available quiet time, my kids woke up too early a couple times and my morning quiet time was snatched away....   Week 1 was easy because I was starting after a three... more »
  • This is a review of the book Create Your Writer Platform by Chuck Sambuchino. I enjoyed this book and thought it was well written.  Mr. Sambuchino coaches the aspiring writer (primarily of non-fiction, although fiction writers will also find some good tips in this book) on creating a solid platform from which they can best reach their target audience.  He stresses the importance of having a well-oiled platform up and running before attempting to pitch a book, and being keenly aware of y... more »
  • This is part three of my notes on the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Part one can be found here and part two, here. Synopsis: Tablet VIII Enkidu is dead, and Gilgamesh is devastated.  He laments him, ripping his hair and clothes.  He commissions a statue for him, immortalizing him in the only way he can.  He also takes responsibility for providing for Enkidu in the underworld.  He sets aside gold and slaughtered animals to give as gifts to important people in the underworld, people who can he... more »
  • Well, I am posting this update a day late, but I am happy to say that I met my goals for the first week of the challenge!  I got up early every morning last week and wrote for at least 30 minutes.  A couple of mornings I wrote for 40 minutes.  Some of my writing was journaling and some of it was on story ideas.  A bit of it was on some thoughts I had on books I was reading. It felt good to be creative first thing in the morning; I think it helped me to feel more settled during the remainder ... more »
  • This book gets 3/5 stars for feeling somewhat disorganized and repetitive.  The writing kind of felt like a long magazine article rather than a book.  Much of the material comes from author interviews, but it feels as if Ms. Stone tried to organize her book around the material from her interviews, resulting in some material that didn't seem to fit neatly into her categories.   Also, the writing style used is very fact-driven, and I felt like I never really heard the author's voice.  Des... more »
  • This book was first published in 1932.  Despite its age, it offers some important insights into the art of writing.  Dorothea doesn't speak much about the actual craft of writing, but rather advises beginners on how to become disciplined, hard-working, inspired writers.  In most cases, it is only through consistent effort that a writer can hope to find the elusive genius: the part of her that surfaces when her conscious, logical side and unconscious, artistic side have learned to work tog... more »
  • Today was rather uneventful in comparison to previous days.  We stuffed ourselves with a final full Scottish breakfast (I'm seriously going to miss having baked beans with my eggs) and drove to the airport.  The flights home worked out just fine, except that I somehow got flagged for a bag and body search before leaving London for the US and we got pulled out of line right before boarding our plane.  Luckily, we made it on just in time to keep a lady in another row from stealing all of our lu... more »
  • One of my New Year's resolutions is to write more.   I am a self-identified writer.  When I was younger and had gobs of free time, I spent it either reading or writing: journaling, responding to literature, creating stories, writing song lyrics and poetry.  Then life got busier, and busier.... and the writing stopped.  Well, I guess I never completely stopped writing, but lately most of my "writing" is done in my head.  I am constantly mulling over new ideas, holding imaginary conversation... more »
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