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  • Week two did not go so well.  Okay, I guess I did meet some of my goals.  But I only got up early and wrote  twice (my goal is 30 minutes of writing, five mornings a week).  I definitely failed that challenge.  Why?  I was tired, I didn't go to bed early enough, I had teaching prep to do a few mornings that took up much of my available quiet time, my kids woke up too early a couple times and my morning quiet time was snatched away....   Week 1 was easy because I was starting after a three... more »
  • Well, I am posting this update a day late, but I am happy to say that I met my goals for the first week of the challenge!  I got up early every morning last week and wrote for at least 30 minutes.  A couple of mornings I wrote for 40 minutes.  Some of my writing was journaling and some of it was on story ideas.  A bit of it was on some thoughts I had on books I was reading. It felt good to be creative first thing in the morning; I think it helped me to feel more settled during the remainder ... more »
  • One of my New Year's resolutions is to write more.   I am a self-identified writer.  When I was younger and had gobs of free time, I spent it either reading or writing: journaling, responding to literature, creating stories, writing song lyrics and poetry.  Then life got busier, and busier.... and the writing stopped.  Well, I guess I never completely stopped writing, but lately most of my "writing" is done in my head.  I am constantly mulling over new ideas, holding imaginary conversation... more »