What is a virtual pilgrim, you ask?

A virtual pilgrim is a seeker of truth and beauty.

A virtual pilgrim is always traveling, even when she doesn’t leave home.  Her thoughts wander far away, often becoming lost in the labyrinth of ideas, concepts, and meaning that exists deep in her mind.  There is never enough time to think all of her thoughts and sometimes it is hard to get home.

A virtual pilgrim finds great joy in peeling back the layers of the human soul and finding small fragments of beauty hiding there.

A virtual pilgrim doesn’t read to escape from life, but to discover its meaning.  It is hard to convey the truths of the soul with words, but a virtual pilgrim understands them when she reads them and is always trying to find the right words of her own.

A virtual pilgrim explores her destinations thoroughly, and with each discovery a new map is drawn, a new understanding is made.  Even though she knows the map will never be complete, she does not stop exploring.

A virtual pilgrim finds it hard to stay in one location for too long.  Wanderlust starts to set in, and she finds herself seduced by the possibilities of a new point of view.  There is so much to find, to learn, to know.

A virtual pilgrim sometimes wishes she could be content with the world that she knows, take things at face value, and let other people discover life’s mysteries while she lets herself breathe.  But her soul is restless; she does not find peace unless she is seeking, learning, knowing.

A virtual pilgrim knows that the world is more than meets the eye, that there is profound meaning and beauty right under our very noses, and that we often trip right over it without seeing it at all.  She is always on the lookout for what others miss, and when she finds it she is deeply affected.

A virtual pilgrim has stored up treasures inside her from her many journeys, and she longs to share them with those she loves.  But she is afraid that they will not see them the way she does, and that if she does not present them just right, their meaning will be lost, their beauty tarnished.  So she keeps them inside, until she finds the right words.  She hopes she will find the words in her lifetime.  It is a pressing worry.

I am a virtual pilgrim.  I am a seeker and a finder.  I draw maps in my mind.  I store up treasures.  I rip through the layers of my soul, searching.  It is a journey that I am compelled to take, every day, every minute of my life, even when I would rather stay where I am.

I am a virtual pilgrim.  Are you?