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  • I'm sure that many of you have heard by now of the infamous Tiger Mom, Amy Chua.  She recently published a book titled Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, which the Wall Street Journal published excerpts of in this article (all the most controversial parts, most likely).  The article created quite a stir, with many parents accusing Mrs. Chua of child abuse.  I read this original article and, while I think that some of Mrs. Chua's parenting tactics are extreme and unhealthy (especially calling yo... more »
  • We completed several read-alouds on Greece and Rome with the girls from September - January.  Some of these books were read aloud to the girls at the dinner table; some of them were read by my first grader independently and then I had her give me a summary narration at the end of each chapter she read.  RA stands for read-aloud, IR stands for independent reading.  I was hoping to get through more than this but we got behind during the holidays and then never really caught up.  Here is what w... more »
  • I am on a mission to give myself a classical education.  I'm chronologically working my way through written history, starting at the very beginning in ancient Mesopotamia.  I am hoping to make it to modern history by the time my oldest daughter is in high school so we can actually have intelligent conversations about the "great books" that she will be reading by then.  That gives me less than eight years to read through approximately 5,000 years of history and literature.  :-o The ver... more »
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