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  • Day two I woke up at 4:30 am, either due to the effects of jet lag or my excitement about seeing the Great Wall (probably both). We met our guide and our driver downstairs at 6:00 am and ate our breakfast in the car. The drive out to the wall was a little under three hours and wow, was it action packed! After driving on two-lane country roads and passing an average of five vehicles a minute for three hours straight, we realized exactly why our driver had a crucifix hanging from his rearv... more »
  • Three years ago my husband and I went to China for a business trip/vacation.  On a now defunct blog, I started a travel journal of the trip and made it through the first three days before I abandoned the blog forever (yet another failed writing attempt).  Lately I have been feeling a lot of regret that I never finished writing down my experience, and so I decided to repost the three entries I finished and go through my trip photos and finish writing about the rest of the trip.  I'm hoping tha... more »