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  • This book gets 3/5 stars for feeling somewhat disorganized and repetitive.  The writing kind of felt like a long magazine article rather than a book.  Much of the material comes from author interviews, but it feels as if Ms. Stone tried to organize her book around the material from her interviews, resulting in some material that didn't seem to fit neatly into her categories.   Also, the writing style used is very fact-driven, and I felt like I never really heard the author's voice.  Des... more »
  • This book is simply fantastic. If you were to buy one book on Greek mythology to read to your children, this should be it. The stories are clearly and poetically written. The mythology covered includes the origins of the world, the Titans, and some background on each of the Greek gods. Also included are many stories about the gods' interactions with humanity, stories of their many half-mortal children and their adventures (for good or bad), as well as the stories of the Greek heroes,... more »