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  • Overnight trains are a lovely form of transportation. I loved going to sleep in one city and waking up just outside of another. It wasn't a very smooth ride, but there is something about all of the little bumps and the click, clack, clickity, clack that lulls you right back to sleep each time you wake up. And it was so nice to be able to completely stretch out in a bed, especially after our flight to Beijing that gave me sore hips and knees from so much sitting. By the time we figur... more »
  • Day two I woke up at 4:30 am, either due to the effects of jet lag or my excitement about seeing the Great Wall (probably both). We met our guide and our driver downstairs at 6:00 am and ate our breakfast in the car. The drive out to the wall was a little under three hours and wow, was it action packed! After driving on two-lane country roads and passing an average of five vehicles a minute for three hours straight, we realized exactly why our driver had a crucifix hanging from his rearv... more »
  • Three years ago my husband and I went to China for a business trip/vacation.  On a now defunct blog, I started a travel journal of the trip and made it through the first three days before I abandoned the blog forever (yet another failed writing attempt).  Lately I have been feeling a lot of regret that I never finished writing down my experience, and so I decided to repost the three entries I finished and go through my trip photos and finish writing about the rest of the trip.  I'm hoping tha... more »